Jerry Joxx

In 2007, Joao comes to settle in Switzerland with one idea in mind: to become a DJ.

He chose the pseudonym Jerry Joxx, resonating with his name. Very soon he was spotted for his musical prowess and just "invaded" Romandie clubs, where he showed his talent with sets powered by vocal and electro house with "DUTCH" influences.

In early 2012, Jerry wants to expand his horizons. He goes into high gear and he starts to "fly" beyond the Swiss borders. Remaining humble, he show his passion and boundless energy when passing at Sundance, Touch the Air, Montreux Jazz and countless other major events.

During this period, Jerry Joxx plays alongside top international DJs. In addition to "the nightlife", he is also a producer. His song "Music is color" featuring Mish, one of DJ Antoine singers, allowed him to find his way in the production: an alliance of vocal and electro house.

This is a real boost for this young Portuguese helping him to become one of the "most wanted" Swiss Djs. Currently in the studio, he is working on several tracks and remixes and his new single "Shine" with American singer Andrea Love came out recently on plattforms.

His dream was to play in Miamis WMC, that became true in March this year (2013) and now only the future will tell us where Jerry Joxx will go...