Styline is the international house music phenomenon that has established himself as one of the most sought-after, independent artists - consistently releasing innovative and exceptional productions and performing the most coveted events in the industry.

Holding a monthly residency at one of the most boutique clubs in Asia, M1NT Shanghai, Styline regularly caters the high class crowd with a taste of his unique sound. Catching the attention of some of the most influential corporate clients, Styline has become a favourite among global brands such as Ferrari, Pioneer, Samsung, Google, Hublot, Sennheiser and Adidas and recently teamed up with Tag Heuer for an exclusive collaboration covering all their events, videos and advertisements in Greater China.

Pioneering his own distinctive Power House Genre, Styline’s unique approach of aligning his characteristic productions right in-between mainstream and underground is widely being picked up by the most prominent electronic labels, including Spinnin’ Records, Armada and Sosumi.

With 1 million subscribers on YouTube, over 200k followers on Facebook, and two years of touring all around the globe, Styline will continue to take the world by storm with his enthralling live shows, slick productions and taste-making imprint.