Mattia Aru aka TIA was born in Milan on 24 September 1990. From young age he started to collect vynils before begin the activities' of dj.

Starts animating party with friends and in 2011 began to make inroads among the clubs in Milan. From ElevenClub to TheBeach, Byblos, Hollywood, BivioClub, MoltoClub, Just Cavalli and many other places where he's constantly at work to animate the dancefloor and continue to improve.

Thanks to his passion for music production immediately engages in readjust each track in a perfect version for the situation, working on bootlegs and mashups constantly, passion that give him the opportunity to produce his first singles. "Shine" his collaboration with Wlady on Loudbit was pushed by Gregor Salto, Antonio Giacca, Outwork, Michael Calfan and many more.

TIA "La Parabra" already supported by Kryder is coming on Sosumi Records and "La Tromba" on Oxyd Records.