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    All we knows, that the real mink eyelashes are the closest to our human natural eyelashes in terms of gloss and lash quality. However, due to the limitation of production technology, the ordinary real mink fur eyelashes are almost sold in a single layer on the market. Today ,we introduce a so popular styles–3D mink eyelashes ,our team carefully researched and produced a new style eyelash ,then can say bye-bye to the Time-consuming and laborious grafted eyelash extensions. They are all handmade. The 3D mink eyelashes biggest feature is that it has a 3D natural and realistic effect. When we stick it to our eyes, we can blend in with our own eyelashes without being awkward. This is because when we were making it by hand, it was divided into lengths according to our natural eyelash length. Generally, the corners of the eyes and the end of the eyes are 8-10mm, and the parts in the eyes are 9-13mm, so it will look natural when weared, and the different lengths fit our natural eyelashes, and the original 3D layers will be more visible, so as to achieve a thicker effect. It is why the 3D mink eyelashes more and more popular now ! 3D False Eyelash wholesale