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    35kv single circuit tension transmission pole
    The tension transmission pole is mainly subjected to longitudinal tension and controls the range of the pole. Tension bars generally refer to linear tension bars, and corner bars refer to the line on the tower to change direction, that is, they are all towers to withstand wire tension, the difference is that the corners of the bar to withstand the force is not on the same axis. Linear pole is the most basic pole in the whole line to support the line, in the straight line without turning, tension pole is used at the end of the line or turning place, will be used in the middle of a long line. From the appearance, the tensile pole conductor has an open breaking point, and the two section is connected by a drainage line. Tension pole is mainly to straighten the cable position, the cable can not be too tight nor too loose, tension pole is playing such a role, tension pole is generally equipped with a cable to fix.
    Seen from the appearance, there is no breaking point for the straight pole conductor, and there is breaking point for the tension pole conductor. The two sections are connected by the drainage line. A straight pole usually has no pull wires, and a tensile pole must have a pull wire. A straight pole usually uses a common pole, and a tensioning pole usually uses a reinforced pole.
    From the material point of view, most of the linear poles use needle insulators, tension poles use suspension coils and use tension clamps.
    Product Description quality galvanized pole cross arm for overhead power line
    HeightFrom 8 meter to 55 meter
    Suit forElectric Power Transmission and Distribution
    ShapePolygonal or Conical
    MaterialNormally Q345B/A572, Minimum Yield Strength ≥ 345 N/mm²
    Q235B/A36, Minimum Yield Strength ≥ 235 N/mm²
    As well as Hot rolled coil from ASTM A572 GR65, GR50, SS400
    Power Capacity10kV to 500kV
    Tolerance of the dimensionAccording to client’s requirement.
    Surface treatmentHot dip galvanized Following ASTM A 123, or any other standard by client required.
    Joint of PolesSlip joint, flanged connected
    StandardISO 9001:2008
    Length of per sectionWithin 14 meter once forming
    Welding StandardAWS (American Welding Society ) D 1.1
    Thickness1 mm to 36mm
    Production ProcessRaw material test → Cutting →bending →Welding (longitudinal )→Dimension verify →Flange welding →Hole drilling →sample assemble → surface clean→ Galvanization or powder coating ,painting →Recalibration →Packages
    PackagesPacking with plastic paper or according to client’s request.
    Product namepole cross arm for overhead power line
    Length of per sectionWithin 14m once forming without slip joint
    Minimum ultimate tensile strength490mpa
    Max ultimate tensile strength620mpa
    Why choose our transmission pole?
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