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    Product Description:
    Stainless steel industrial air filters are designed for removing of impurities( dirt, dust, and moisture & oil contaminants,etc) from vent, compressed air applications in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry, in biotechnology, breweries, dairies, hospitals and aseptic packaging.

    Stainless Steel Compressor Air Filter Features:
    1. Electropolished, smooth and hygienic design by avoiding dead space;
    2. Made of 100% 304 or 316L stainless steel of the highest quality;
    3. Easy To Install Design, Easy to Clean;
    4. Available in tri-clamp(coupling) or flanged connections;

    Our Products

    Technical Parameters
    Filter TypeStainless Steel Air/Gas Filter
    Housing MaterialStainless Steel 304 and 316L for Choice
    Body ClosureSanitary Tri Clamp or Flange
    Surface FinishElectro Polished
    Operating Pressure MAX. 6.0 bar(87psi)
    ConnectorTri-Clamp, Flanged
    (as your requirement)
    Cartridge Length5 ,10, 20, 30 Inch
    Cartridge End222, 226, etcAir Filter